Value, Burger, BBQ & Trial Packs

Look at our great value for money Value Packs, we have packaged these up for our main commodity items, that our customers love. We also offer a couple of Trial Packs for the curious.

Make it easy for yourself for that BBQ, Burger night at home...especially for the BBQ, there is a lot to do without worrying about making all those Burger Patties! We make the job easy for you, with our Beef, Lamb & Chicken (Thai Basil, Lime & Sweet Chilli) Hamburgers. We also supply BBQ Chef's which takes a lot of trouble out of any BBQ, available in 3-5 hour options. Prices range from $125-175.00 for 3-5 hours.

Free delivery for an order above $100.00. Self Collect is also possible.