Chilled Angus Beef Sirloin Steak, (2 pieces in pack), price per 550-650g pack

Chilled Angus Beef Sirloin Steak, (2 pieces in pack), price per 550-650g pack

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A very popular steak cut from the rear end of the short loin. The meat is tender and can be juicy and have plenty of flavour. Sirloin steaks (sometimes called Striploin & Porterhouse steaks) are usually grilled for best results and be careful to not over cook.

The Cut

Cut from the boned loin, the tender sirloin has a fine grain and an exterior of fat along one side. It is an excellent grilling steak.

How to Cook

When the narrow outside fat is left on, this enhances the flavour and succulence of the sirloin. When grilling to medium-rare ensure the fat is cooked. When pan frying, pat meat dry before cooking. When meat is wet it does not brown well. If you have used a marinade, drain and blot dry with a paper towel. If you have thinly sliced your sirloin for stir-fry, coat with flour or spice mixture to keep moisture in and protect the beef. Allow space around the steaks in the pan as overcrowding can reduce the temperature and slow down cooking. Sear over a medium-high heat turning only once. Allow the sirloin to rest before serving, roughly one minute per 100g to allow juices to settle and fibres to relax for the most tender result.

2 pieces per Vacuum Pack = 500-550g

Sold per VP

Our Beef is Halal Certified.

From which part of the animal?

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From one of the world's cleanest and purest environments, our Black Angus Beef cattle are reared on the fresh, pure, clean and green pastures of New Zealand. Sourced from our farms in the furthest Southern province of the South Island aptly named Southland. 

Angus genetics are renowned for producing cattle with excellent marbling and growth rates. Marbling adds flavour, makes cooking easier, and high growth rates produce beef that is very tender. 

Breeds of cattle from European, tropical climate and dairy breed genetics are excluded from Black Angus.

Growth enhancers are never used, also not allowed are therapeutic anti disease treatment, during the life of the cattle. 

The Beef is vacuum packed and air freighted to ensure the product arrives in optimum condition.

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