Bom Petisco Canned Solid Tuna in Olive Oil, 120g

Bom Petisco Canned Solid Tuna in Olive Oil, 120g

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In canned tuna, we favour Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), commonly known as Bonito or Gaiado. Without using any preservatives, the result is 100% natural preservation. Our Bom Petisco Tuna is great and is in Olive Oil.

This line caught tuna is fished in the Açores and is handpacked in olive oil using traditional methods.

About The Brand:

Portugal’s most iconic canned food. A market leader for over 30 years, it has become an exponent of Portuguese gastronomy and the traditional art of fish conservation. It strikes the perfect balance between taste and tradition, preserved in a modern and appealing can.
On the island of São Miguel, the production of Bom Petisco has a history which is over 50 years old. This is the story written by the hands of our employees, who every day, prepare the fish to make the best snack, or in Portuguese, the best ‘petisco’, available to all. It is thanks to them that every can is guaranteed of containing Azorean tradition – unbeatable fish, prepared by following the recipe which is passed through generations.
Fishing takes place in collaboration with POPA – the Azores fishery observation programme, a project to monitor and control the fishing industry. The aim is to ensure that no dolphin is harmed by our fishing activities. The protection of dolphins and sustainability of the sea are guaranteed by the “Friend of the Sea” status, which aims to reduce the human impact on the marine ecosystem.


Tuna (65%), olive oil (34%), salt


The product must be stored at room temperature, protected from humidity, dirt and other agents that may alter the packaging.

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