Antonius Caviar Oscietra 50g, chilled

Antonius Caviar Oscietra 50g, chilled

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Oscietra Antonius Caviar (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) comes from the Russian sturgeon. It is appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world and is the second most expensive caviar behind the world's most expensive caviar from the beluga. It has a unique, saturated taste with a slight nutty note. It comes in colours of: grey, brown and olive with golden highlights.

Antonius Caviar is the highest quality, fresh, unpasteurized caviar. It is excellent caviar with unique and exceptional taste from excellent conditions of sturgeon farming, crystal water and experience in breeding sturgeons for almost 30 years. Antonius Caviar is proudly produced in Poland. Real caviar comes only from sturgeon fish. It is a legendary delicacy of aristocracy. Served in the most prestigious restaurant and hotels. Caviar will certainly crown any exceptional meeting, banquet or a dinner for two. It is a great idea for an original gift.

5 Star - diameter of the roe from 2.6mm to 2.7mm

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