Beef (100%) Meatballs, 400g, frozen

Beef (100%) Meatballs, 400g, frozen

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100% Beef Meatballs, made entirely from beef. We use grass-fed beef to make theses. The beef used is not Halal certified but we have chosen to source all the ingredients to be entirely Halal. The Beef meatballs flavour comes from a unique blend of spices comprising mainly of pepper and coriander. 

Each meatball weighs 25g each & are frozen in packs of 16 (400g). This way you get the freshest possible product when we deliver. These boerewors meatballs make a great tomato pasta dish, or a fantastic curry!

Made in Singapore, all our meats are ethically sourced from Australia, with a guarantee of quality from our growers.


Weight 400g

Beef 360g (90%)
Water 20g (5%)
Boerewors spice mix 12g (3%)
Natural sheep casing 8g (2%)

Spice mix contains:
Coriander seeds and powder
Gluten: Yes (Wheat bran)
Dairy: No
Salt: Yes
Sugar: No

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