Dry-Wors Sausage / Chilled - 500g sealed bag

Dry-Wors Sausage / Chilled - 500g sealed bag

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A uniquely tasting house cured sausage, originating from South Africa. Meaty and fatty in taste and texture

Dry wors in Afrikaans literally "dry sausage" is a Southern African snack food, based on the traditional, coriander-seed spiced boerewors sausage. It is usually made from dunwors (Afrikaans for "thin sausage") rather than dikwors ("thick sausage"), as the thinner sausage dries more quickly and is thus less likely to spoil before it can be preserved. If dikwors is to be used, it is usually flattened to provide a larger surface area for drying.

Made right here in Singapore, all our meats are ethically sourced from New Zealand, Australia and Brazil, with a guarantee of quality from our growers.


Weight 500g

Beef, Spices, Flavouring, Preservative, Water

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