Chilled Turkey Breast Tender sliced (sous-vide), 200g

Chilled Turkey Breast Tender sliced (sous-vide), 200g

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Premium USA turkey are brined then sous-vide for a flavourful tender finish.

Expertly prepared, this fully cooked turkey breast is first brined in sweet salt aromatics for 2 days before being slowly cooked sous vide for 6 hours to perfection.

Fresh product vacuum packed in convenient sizing and to lock in Freshness

Simply heat & serve, minimise labour, guanteed tender, lower food cost, quality control, consistent cooking.

Serving Instructions: Gently simmer pack in water for 10 minutes, remove & allow to cool before opening for serving. Alternatively, open pack & sauté in a pan until hot.

Made right here in Singapore, gluten free, with no preservatives, artificial ingredients or extenders. All meats are ethically sourced from America, with a guarantee of quality from our growers.

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