Chilli Boerewors Meatballs, 400g, frozen (pork/beef)

Chilli Boerewors Meatballs, 400g, frozen (pork/beef)

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Chilli Boerewors Meatballs are made from our beef & pork Chilli Boerewors. We use award-winning Australian free-range pork & grass-fed beef. The quality of this meat is incredibly high and reflected in it's taste.

The Chilli Boerewors flavour comes from a unique blend of spices comprising pepper, coriander & added chilli for that extra spicy kick!

Each meatball weighs 25g each & are frozen in packs of 16 (400g). This way you get the freshest possible product when we deliver. These boerewors meatballs make a great tomato pasta dish, or a fantastic curry!

Made in Singapore, all our meats are ethically sourced from Australia, with a guarantee of quality from our growers.


Weight 400g

Beef and Pork 364g (90%)
Water 20g (5%)
Boerewors Chilli spice mix 12g (3%)

Spice mix contains:
Coriander seeds and powder
Gluten: Yes (Wheat bran)
Dairy: No
Salt: Yes
Sugar: No

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