Country Bread Loaf, 1000-1150g

Country Bread Loaf, 1000-1150g

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Freshly baked every Tuesday & Friday by our French local baker (supplier to Michelin star restaurants and five star hotels). Country Bread Loaf is 1000-1150g.

Country loaf (or pain de campagne) refers to the sturdy breads baked by French farm women as opposed to the white, airy baguettes made from refined flour, also called "French sourdough", is typically a large round loaf ('miche') made from either natural leavening or baker's yeast. Such large loaves would feed a family for days or weeks, until the next baking day.

Please allow 2 days lead time.

Bread flour
Rye flour
Natural levain exogene
(Base on fruit fermentation 11 years old )

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