Farmer Brown Eggs, 10 pack (New Zealand)

Farmer Brown Eggs, 10 pack (New Zealand)

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Our New Zealand fresh eggs, called BARNEY’S BARN EGGS are laid by hens which have never lived in cages, can roam freely in spacious barns all their lives are free of hormones and antibiotics. These Eggs are produced to high animal welfare standards.

The hens are have litter in which to scratch and dust bathe, space to flap their wings, stretch and socialise, nests in which to lay their eggs and adequate perching space.

The rich egg yolk colour is formed naturally without any special diet or colouring. The Hens are fed on non-GMO corn & seeds.

They have constant water and quality feed and are protected from the elements and predators, live in warm safe barns and produce tasty eggs full of nourishment.

The feed used for Barney’s Barn Eggs is sourced from a local feed mill.

It meets the correct nutritional requirements for the hens depending on their age. These requirements make sure the feed has the correct level of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins and trace elements needed to keep our hens healthy and productive.

The feed mill uses grains for this feed but the type and quantities of the different grains do vary depending on seasonal availability and cost. Most grains for the feed are sources locally which means that these come from non-GMO farms as

GMO grains cannot legally be produced in New Zealand. If any grains are imported the feed mill will always try to ascertain its country source and quality.

Minimum weight per 6 Eggs is 318g

What do our "Medallion Marks" represent?

You will have noticed the medallion mark on our egg cartons. This is our guarantee to you that these eggs are of the highest quality and comply with our very thorough welfare and production standards. All our producers get independently audited once a year

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