Frozen Scallop Medallion Meat (10/20), price/1kg pack

Frozen Scallop Medallion Meat (10/20), price/1kg pack

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Frozen Scallop Medallion Meat. Suitable for pan frying, grilling, steaming and hotpot.

Scallop medallions are also known as Bay Scallops which are more suitable for grills as compared to steam or soups.

They do not require thawing before cooking. 10/20 per pound (.46kg), gross weight, 1kg, net weight 800g.

Scallop Medallion Scallop meat are produced from sea scallops. Ship's harvest the scallops, process them, and then they are frozen-at-sea (FAS). This process ensures the finest Scallop Medallions possible. Once they are unloaded at plant, they combine the scallops with a natural protein binder to form a larger scallop. As a result you will get a great product that is 100% whole, all natural sea scallops with no added water or chemicals.


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