Wild Grouper (Hapuka) Fillet, boneless, skinless, price per 1830g/pack, frozen

Wild Grouper (Hapuka) Fillet, boneless, skinless, price per 1830g/pack, frozen

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Comes in Fresh direct from New Zealand every Thursday. Our Frozen Grouper fillets are caught in the wild.

Grouper (Hapuka) are a highly rated eating fish. Possessing a firm white flesh, Grouper can be filleted or cut into steaks with the cheeks and throat being particularly good. They are excellent baked or fried (not usually eaten raw) but, like any fish, can be easily overcooked. Grouper are by far, one of the best eating fish in the New Zealand waters - the best way to prepare it is by boiling, steaming or on the barbeque. 

These fish are truly a magnificent sight. Grouper have a rather heavy, stocky body and are primarily a gun-barrel grey colour with a silvery-white underbelly. There are ten sharp dorsal spines running along its back, followed by softer ones further back and soft ones on their underside. They also have rounded anal and pectoral fins with a large square and very powerful tail. Grouper are unmistakable once seen. The lower jaw protrudes from the top and when a school approaches the white underside of this jaw is usually the first thing seen by the diver. Grouper have very large eyes adapted for hunting and inhabiting low light conditions. 

Pan-fried Hapuka, Parsley Perlas Potatoes and Honey Carrots

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