Hemp Smoothie Mixed Berries, 350ml

Hemp Smoothie Mixed Berries, 350ml

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We blend hemp seeds, local berries, ground chia seeds, cacao and strawberries to craft two ranges of high-protein hemp superfood smoothies.

Hemp is one of the world's best sources of protein and is one of the only sources of plant protein, along with chia seeds, to contain all essential amino acids (and then some!).

Hemp is rich in omega good fats, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. This superfood smoothie is high in dietary fibre - prebiotics that are essential for healthy digestion.


Hemp smoothie Mixed Berries: Filtered water, strawberries (12%), bananas (12%), boysenberries (9%), New Zealand grown high-protein hemp (5%), blueberries (5%), ground chia seeds (3%), blackcurrant.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein powder is 50% complete protein, with all essential amino acids.

Hemp is one of the world's best sources of complete protein. Hemp is one of the only sources of plant protein to contain all essential amino acids (chia seeds and quinoa are the other two). Hemp Seed has good doses of of omega fats, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. Find the full nutritional content of this superfood here.

Hemp protein is fully absorbable making it good for gut health.

Hemp seeds are not cannabinoids and do not contain THC so hemp cannot make you high.

Hemp hearts, seeds or hulled hemp 

Hemp seeds that have the outer hull removed are often called Hemp Hearts. Hemp seed is a whole food, with only the husk removed.

Hemp Hearts (or hemp seeds) are a pure, natural whole food. There are no cannabinoids or THC in the plant.

Hemp hearts are the inner seed of the hemp plant (the fruit or nut). This is the hemp fruit that contains all the nutrients – over 30% balanced protein and over 30% high nutrition omega 3, 6, and 9 oils.

Complete Protein

The protein in hemp hearts has all 9 essential amino acids and over 20 individual amino acids including all branch chained amino acids. For performance - sports or otherwise - hemp seeds are the best form of protein.  Hemp protein is high in glutamine, essential for gut health, while helping to absorb protein gently (unlike whey protein).

Hemp protein powder is a muscle builder with high amounts of leucine and glutamine, amino acids known for muscle growth and recovery.  Because hemp protein is dairy free it is great for digestion and maximising absorption of proteins. 

Hemp protein is virtually unprocessed. Most proteins, particularly pea protein is highly processed. The amino acids are out of balance and it is difficult to digest. Whey protein, from dairy is especially hard on the gut. It causes inflammation in the gut that feels like bloating. The inflammation is caused by the increased load put on the gastro-intestinal tract.

Hemp Protein powder has ample oil with omega 3 and 6, and enough dietary fibre for maximum digestibility.

Find more information on amino acid profile and vitamins and minerals of hemp protein here.


Hemp is high in fibre, a prebiotic essential for healthy digestion and is also rich in glutamine known for assisting gut health and aiding absorption of protein.

Read more information about the pre-biotics in hemp and the gut health benefits here.


Hemp seeds have the perfect balance of omega essential fats. ‘Essential’ means that the body can’t produce these fats itself, so it requires dietary input.

Hemp seeds contains the perfect ratio (3:1) of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids. This is unique in the plant world. These compounds have a particularly beneficial effect on our health. Hemp seeds are one of the few plant-based sources of omega 3 (other sources include walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds).  


Hemp has a significant positive environmental impact, requiring relatively little water to grow and soaking up five times the CO2 of the average tree.  Hemp is easy to grow, needing no pesticides or herbicides and is, along with chia seeds, the world’s most sustainable form of protein.


Hemp protein and hemp hearts are free from gluten, dairy and Genetically Modified Ingredients.   Hemp seeds are hypoallergenic and easily digested.  Chia Sisters hemp protein powder is all natural, plant sourced and sustainable. This means nothing is added. It is also important to note that there is no cannabinoids or THC content. 

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