Irish Streaky Bacon Rashers (Oliver Carty), 250g, frozen

Irish Streaky Bacon Rashers (Oliver Carty), 250g, frozen

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Slowly cured, glazed and smoked with beechwood logs. Skillfully prepared at Oliver Carty's, Co. Roscommon.

Our Philosophy We believe that sourcing with care is the most important thing we can do when it comes to bringing you and your family the very best-tasting food. That's why our Signature Tastes range is carefully selected for its exceptional quality and all sourced from our trusted partners, both in Ireland and abroad. Since starting in the late 19050's, Oliver Carty and his family have perfected their production of exceptional pork and bacon sourced from Irish pig farmers, and are still going strong today. The pork is slowly dry cured before being coated with a maple flavour glaze and gently smoked with Beechwood. Ted Carty, of Oliver Carty


Sourced with care - two of our farmers

DNA TraceBack - 100% traceable to Irish farms

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