La Vie En Rose, Altina Bottle, 750ml

La Vie En Rose, Altina Bottle, 750ml

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La Vie En Rose features organic hibiscus and pink rose petals, laced with sweet orange and a long finish.

This gorgeous lightly sparkling non alcoholic rose cocktail is perfectly refreshing. As with all of Altina DrinkÕs Zero Proof Craft Cocktails, La Vie En Rose captures the essence of natural ingredients, without relying on excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours.

Free from alcohol, but not the depth of flavour, enjoy without moderation.


Simply chill the alcohol free rose and pour - no need to mix! Each bottle serves 5 cocktails. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 2 days.Ingredients have been carefully curated to create a complete and balanced alcohol free drink.

We have used unusual native ingredients and interesting spices, along with familiar flavours such as organic rose, sweet orange and hops to develop innovative new and unexpected flavours.

Our alcohol free cocktails have no added sugar so you can sip without moderation. The perfect sobriety drinks or great for the rare alcohol drinker.

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