Live New Zealand Greenshell Mussels (full shell) 800g, price/pack

Live New Zealand Greenshell Mussels (full shell) 800g, price/pack

Sale price $24.00 SGD Regular price $27.00 SGD

Harvesting / Farming Method: Wild-caught (attached to ropes that are hung in the water where they grow until harvested).


Watch this video to see how QUICK and easy it is to cook Mussels!

New Zealand was the last land to be discovered and nature there is still pure and unadulterated. The waters are free from many of the pollutants & parasites that have devastated other aquaculture regions in the world, meaning the region provides premium products of unequalled quality.

New Zealand also operates one of the strictest quality assurance programs for shellfish in the world. This means you know NZ products and their stewardship are of the highest integrity. Shellfish are stringently tested for bio toxins, bacteria and heavy metals. Ethically produced shellfish are grown, harvested and processed to industry best practice and our facilities meet the strictest food safety specifications and standards in the world.

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