New Zealand Free Range (Halal) Happy Tummy Bone Broth Tonic (Wagyu Beef), 500ml, price/pouch, frozen

New Zealand Free Range (Halal) Happy Tummy Bone Broth Tonic (Wagyu Beef), 500ml, price/pouch, frozen

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Our new Happy Tummy variety of bone broth tonic is our most delicious yet! Working with our friends at First Light Wagyu, we have produced New Zealand’s first Wagyu bone broth. We’ve combined the rich flavour of Wagyu beef with chaga mushroom and umeboshi paste. Chaga mushrooms grow on birch trees in parts of the northern hemisphere, including Europe, Asia, Canada, and the north-eastern United States. People in Northern Europe and Russia have used chaga mushrooms for hundreds of years, consuming them in herbal teas to boost their immunity. Lab studies on chaga mushrooms have shown promising results for strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation, and even fighting cancer because of their antioxidative properties. Umeboshi plums, sometimes called sour plums, are more closely related to the apricot than the plum. They are high in fibre, so they are good for digestive health and, like chaga mushrooms, are full of antioxidants.

See for a full list of the beneficial properties of these key ingredients in our new bone broth tonic!

Just heat and sip your way to wellbeing. Pour into stovetop safe saucepan or microwavable mug and heat to 75 degrees for more than 2 minutes before consuming.

Can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Consume within 7 days of opening.


How is our bone broth made

Beef Bone broth is made from marrow bones and connective tissue, that have been slow simmered for up to 48 hours, often with herbs, vegetables, and spices. ​

It all starts with grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free wagyu beef bones, all sourced from New Zealand farms. Our farmers raise their animals without any added hormones and antibiotics. ​

We combine the highest collagen content bones with filtered water and apple cider vinegar into a large steel kettle.

Part way through the cooking process we add only Himalayan sea salt, and peppercorns. This means no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and no additives. ​

The broth is cooked for 48 hours at 75-85 degrees Celsius. This process provides enough time for the nutrients, collagen and amino acids to soak into the broth. ​ We package our broth while it’s hot and then it is cooled (very quickly!).

Our product has had none of the valuable nutrients destroyed through pasteurization or other heat-related packaging methods. The product should be used within 7 days of opening. 

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