Orange & Mango Pressed Juice, 275ml

Orange & Mango Pressed Juice, 275ml

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In our solar-powered juicery in Nelson we bottle oranges and mangoes.

This isn't your average juice. We blend oranges and mangoes with pressed Nelson apples at our solar powered juicery in Nelson to create this deliciously natural juice.


Pressed Nelson apple juice (52%), orange juice from concentrate (27%), mango puree (20%), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid. That's it.

We launched Bottled by the Sun fresh pressed juices in 2018 to celebrate becoming New Zealand’s only solar-powered juicery. We bottle fresh pressed, almost entirely local fruits to create New Zealand’s best juice. 

Bottled by the Sun is packed full of vitamins and minerals straight from fresh fruits. 

Bottled by the Sun has no added sugar, no gluten, dairy, soy, genetically modified ingredients or artificial anything. 

Bottled by the Sun fresh pressed juice nutritional panel

Bottled by the Sun tastes good. So good that in April 2019 we won Best Drink in New Zealand at the Outstanding Food Producer Awards and were voted Best Food from the Earth in New Zealand at the same awards - the first time a beverage had taken home champion status in the category.

Just as good as the taste is the fact that it is bottled by energy harnessed from the sun from our little juicery in Nelson, the sunshine capital of New Zealand.

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