Olivo Porcini New Zealand Infused Olive Oil, 200ml

Olivo Porcini New Zealand Infused Olive Oil, 200ml

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A bestselling Olivo infused olive oil in NZ. Dried Italian mushrooms seeped in 100% NZ extra virgin olive oil for several weeks. Earthy, nutty and mouth-wateringly umami. Superb on risottos, pasta and anything to do with eggs. 

About Olivo New Zealand: The Wairarapa region of New Zealand where Olivo’s trees grow, has a maritime climate different from traditional olive-growing countries, giving us distinctive and complex tasting oils. Olivo is the oldest commercial grove in the Wairarapa region, established in 1991 and has been awarded “Best Brand Award” by Olives New Zealand. Helen and John Meehan took over Olivo in 2003, expanded it, and has been producing and selling award-winning olive oil for 20 years. Olivo is available at high-end grocers across NZ and from their own tasting room in Martinborough. Their intent is to create innovative and top-quality olive oils that pair with excellent food and the great wines that Martinborough produces – olive oils that are boutique, artisanal and gorgeous.

Intro to NZ Olive Oil: New Zealand’s cool climate produces a distinctly cool-climate oil which could be considered similar to the oils produced in the more traditional, cooler climate olive growing regions like Tuscany. However, unlike the dry stony Mediterranean hillsides where olives are traditionally grown, NZ olives thrive in New Zealand’s green pastureland. This provides the conditions for strong, herbaceous, grassy flavors often described as full-bodied and fruity, similar to the world-famous Sauvignon Blanc made from grapes grown in a similar environment. The long hot summers, followed by cool winters, produce abundant, healthy, exceptionally tasty oil.

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