Sheridans Chutney for Cheese, Apple & Plum 220g Jar

Sheridans Chutney for Cheese, Apple & Plum 220g Jar

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This chutney for cheese is made with apples and plums and designed it to be softer and more fruit driven in flavour than your average chutney, with a lower vinegar content and just very subtle hints of spice, it also took us some time to get the texture exactly the way we wanted it in order to best go with cheese; all of these aspect combine to make a really versatile cheese accompaniment.

This apple and plum chutney is made for us by Janet Drew in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow. We worked together with Janet for some time to come up with a chutney which was mellow enough to accompany nearly any type of cheese you can think of! We’re pretty sure that we’ve succeeded and hope you’ll agree once you try it.

Allergens: apples (sulphites)

Ingredients: plums, apples, onions, demerara sugar, sultans, wine vinegar, fresh ginger, garlic, salt

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