Turkey Ham (Smoked) Sliced (2-3mm), 1kg, frozen

Turkey Ham (Smoked) Sliced (2-3mm), 1kg, frozen

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Turkey Ham (Smoked) is from the thigh meat of a TurkeyTurkey ham is approximately 95 percent fat-free, which makes it a low-fat alternative to pork ham...it can be served hot or cold and sliced thick or thin.

Perfect for your sandwiches, wraps and salads.

A 100-gram portion of turkey contains on average fewer calories (189) than the same amount of beef (250), pork (242) or even chicken (239). Not only is turkey meat healthier than rival products. Turkey production is less damaging to the environment than other meats (though plant-based food would be even less damaging). For every pound of beef, six pounds (2.7kg) of feed are required; a pound of turkey requires just two pounds (900g) of feed. And whereas a kilo of beef takes up 15,000 litres of water (not just to keep the animals’ thirst at bay, but to produce the feed that fattens them), the equivalent amount of poultry (turkeys included) require 4300 litres.

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