Veal Liver, Milk Fed, (Halal), 1100-1200g pack, frozen

Veal Liver, Milk Fed, (Halal), 1100-1200g pack, frozen

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Veal (Calf) liver, comes from a young animal and is therefore more tender and potentially more flavorful than beef liver. A moderately high-calorie food, veal liver provides about 120 calories per 3-ounce serving and is also quite high in protein, with 17 grams per serving.

is Veal Liver better for you than Beef Liver?

It's healthier, too; it has less fat and cholesterol than beef, and is an even better source of nutrients like protein, riboflavin and B6. Pasture-raised veal has much of the flavor of beef but is leaner and moister. ... Though typically more expensive than beef, veal is more tender, leaner and healthier.

Item is Halal Certified. Grassfed & Ethically Raised.

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