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Wagyu (MB4/5) Beef Tri-Tip, 2.25-2.5kg, price/whole, frozen

Wagyu (MB4/5) Beef Tri-Tip, 2.25-2.5kg, price/whole, frozen

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The Tri-Tip is a triangular cut of beef from the bottom sirloin sub-primal cut. Boneless and fairly tender with full flavour. Grill then slice across the grain. Also Known As: Santa Maria Steak; Triangle Steak.

In Europe, the Tri-tip is called aiguillette baronne in France and is left whole as a roast. In northern Germany, it is called Burgermeisterstuck or Pastorenstück, in Austria, Hüferschwanz, and in southern Germany it is called the same name as the traditional and popular Bavarian and Austrian dish Tafelspitz, which serves it boiled with horseradish. In Spain, it is often grilled whole and called the rabillo de cadera. In South America, Argentina is the Asado & Brazil Maminha.

Santa Maria Style Tri Tip

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