Our New Zealand fresh eggs, called BARNEY’S BARN EGGS are laid by hens which have never lived in cages, can roam freely in spacious barns all their lives, are free of hormones and antibiotics. These Eggs are produced to high animal welfare standards.

The hens have litter in which to scratch and dust bathe, space to flap their wings, stretch and socialise, nests in which to lay their eggs and adequate perching space.

The rich egg yolk colour is formed naturally without any special diet or colouring. The Hens are fed on non-GMO corn & seeds.

They have constant water and quality feed and are protected from the elements and predators, live in warm safe barns and produce tasty eggs full of nourishment.

Please be aware some New Zealand 'Organic Eggs' are cage farmed so the chicken lives in a cage the size of an A4 page for its entire life. They cannot flap their wings, perch or hardly walk anywhere. 

We generally have most products in stock, therefore we can deliver within hours of an order. Free delivery for an order above $100.00. Self Collect is also possible.