Testimonials and Reviews

Michael G

What a legendary service you are offering...not only did you help us with the estimation of quantities we needed for our BBQ along with recommendations of the best cuts and the popular sausages, but you turned up nice and early, sourced the BBQ coals, started the BBQ and spent most of the afternoon cooking it for us! Outstanding service all round and definitely you went way beyond the call of duty.  

Ramon C

The beef short ribs were superb on the BBQ...slow cooked them and they were famous to my friends. Thank you also for getting the items personally delivered, right on time as we had some storage issues so that was appreciated. 

Sarah O

Hi Andy, thank you so much for dropping by yesterday. The food was fantastic and my gourmet friends had nothing to moan about - which is a fabulous outcome. I have posted the link of your internet in the group as many people asked for contact details ;) Thanks again a ton!

Kent C

Hi Andy, we're very happy with the meat, we bought a couple of weeks ago and will place a top up order soon. I was amazed at the freshness of the meat...especially the Ribeye steaks...they were superb. You are doing a great job representing your country and promoting the kiwi image well.

Gaurav P

Hi Andy, the Lamb and salmon was very good and my family were very happy to be treated with these fresh products from clean green New Zealand. Thanks also for cooler bags and packaging up our order, for us to transport by car to Malaysia.

James C 

Meat was excellent Andy! Very tasty and was so fresh...best have tasted since I was in New Zealand years ago. I passed your card to a few friends, family and colleagues and am sure they will be in contact soon.

Pierre B

Andy, the Meat is great! I appreciate you going to the extra effort with our order and especially you personally delivering the items to us and carefully explaining where the beef and lamb come from in your wonderful country.

Fred S

The 1.5kg of ribeye roast and 1kg of sirloin steaks were both wonderful..can't wait to try the rest! I appreciate your advice on the cooking of the roast and the steaks as well. Keep up the excellent service.

Valentine D

Excellent everyone really enjoyed the eggs. I loved them soo much better then the organic feed ones I get. I will place another order soon again with some meat for my girl. Was very efficient service and delivery and thanks for the good communication throughout. Thanks for everything.

Lisa K

Hi there tried the salmon Saturday night - it's simply awesome....melted in our mouths. The Blue Cod Fish was also very good...nice to know that your non meat items were of excellent quality. Will definitely order again!

Michael G

the best Lamb Racks I have had in town. just the right size and not an overgrown Donkey!! Was amazing to make the order online then received the order 60 mins later...for dinner...outstanding delivery time! Keep up the good work!

Vanessa D

Hi Andy, we are trying your steaks bought from my 1st order, the best by far, compared to the others in the market, I've ordered previously from. My Husband loves them!!! Expect another order before the end of the month. 

Stephen S

Andy, the 'kiwi meat man', top service mate...I ordered a lot of steak and sausages for our last minute BBQ and you didn't disappoint. You were really helpful with your estimation of the quantities that we needed and you were 100% spot on with those quantities. You made my BBQ a very special for my friends and family.

Martin M

the Eye Fillet Roast Beef was really tasty....the best have ever had. Just melted in mouth perfectly, easy to carve. The Salmon was really tasty and had soft texture. The homemade hamburgers were fresh and so tasty. You will be our main supplier, that is for sure. Thank you also for providing the styrofoam box...was perfect for the BBQ as was the BBQ Chef you provided!!

Keep up the excellent service...we are spreading the word about your business.

Ingrid K

We loved the sausages and pulled pork. They taste great and good quality. Other gluten free and "organic" sausages we have tried are quite flavourless and it's been tough to get the family to eat them, so it's a great. The fresh beef mince was also good quality. So definitely, I will be ordering from you regularly.

Adam S

Andy, the meat quality was delicious and awesome, we'd like to repeat the order next week please. What we liked especially was the concise delivery procedure, you were clear on the timing and it was all made very promptly. What was also a nice bonus was the packaging…with everything in the sealed foil cooler bag. Thanks and again and we'll be in touch. 

Hui F

Hi Andy, The fish, chicken and lamb were very tasty. Thanks for checking in. Looking forward to placing more orders later in the month.

Zheng X

Yes, of course we are happy with the quality of the food. Well, a friend of us recommend your establishment, and we have certainly have been spreading the words about your business

Lawrence T

Hi Andy, I'm very happy with the quality of your products. Got to know your biz thru online search. Friends who where present were full of praises for your lamb. Had passed them your website. Hope to see them ordering from u too when they play host the next round.

Everything's good. Will definitely trouble you guys again for my next order.

Mary H

Yes the pistachio crusted frenched lamb was a huge hit. Sausages are our kids fav. Have you on speed dial!!

Alex D

Hi Andy, Amazing service and taste thanks….really nice to know I am buying of a true blue Kiwi too….love that accent!! The steak was to die for…the Lamb also was great. Will definitely put in another order soon.

Daniel K

I saw the ad on internet and read the reviews on the feedback page so decided to check it out and try you…I was certainly not disappointed.  

The product was very good. My friends already ask and have given your WhatsApp to them including the web site to order from.


The Lamb Racks were incredible…not to mention the speedy delivery…was abt 1 hour from when I called you!! Yes we are thinking of ordering this weekend. I did also refer a friend, he and his wife loved the lamb as well.

To confirm your product was really good. Will certainly ask for more again. Cheers

Nessa T

The meats were truly great, as always . We had lamb kebabs last night. Yes I will use the eggs and possibly make a brioche in time for the expiry. I will place another order soon for eggs again and see what else we need. Thank you for checking. I truly appreciate the personal service.

Chris B

Hi Andy, wanted to write to you to tell you..the meat was fantastic. Had a couple of really good roasts with the lamb. Still getting through some of the Christmas food but I'll place another order soon.

Penny O

Morning Andy, just to let you know. The steaks yesterday are perfect. Praises from family as well. The marbling and thickness was spot on. Thank you also for being so accommodating with our special request for the early delivery.