About Us

Welcome to New Zealand Fresh, an online / home delivery business, specialising in the supply of fresh and pure premium meats from New Zealand, delivered direct to your home (farm gate to plate - 60-90 mins is possible!). We are proud to say all our New Zealand imported meats are airfreighted in, have never been frozen (before airfreight), are 'organic' in their nature i.e. Grass Fed (fed on natural pasture), Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, Farmed Ethically and Sustainably – Non GMO, Fully Traceable, Range Free Outdoors, with Pure and Natural Water.  Note - our beef and lamb are not certified organic. Note - not all our beef & lamb are Halal (90% are however). All our chicken are Halal Certified. 

Our pillar products are meat (beef, lamb, chicken), however we also supply sausages, eggs, salmon, blue cod fish, snapper, barramundi, berries, honey, venison, veal, mussels, scallops, granola, seeds, nuts and condiments.

At New Zealand Fresh, consistency is everything and what makes us unique, is we source our raw products from a select few handpicked, and therefore the very best farms in New Zealand. This not only allows us to control the quality by selecting the finest products, but more importantly, it allows us to cut out the ‘middle person’ and pass on those savings to our customers. This reflects in the unbeatable value to our customers for the top quality provided.

As a generous and helpful resource for customers, we are more than happy to discuss the selection and preparation of the meat with you for that meal at home, and even how to complement it with wines, cheeses, or seafood, to roll out a feast for two or a nice party for friends and family. Kindly list out your questions / concerns and whatsapp, call or email us. We will do our utmost to try to answer with our best advice.

New Zealand Fresh is an online / home delivery business owned and operated by Andy Sceats. It all started, as an ambitious farmer's son from Kaiwaka, New Zealand, discontented with the corporate life, decided he wanted to go back to his roots. Using his business and entrepreneurial skills - saw the potential in providing quality meat through an online platform in Singapore, direct to customers, restaurants and hoteliers.

Andy chose the perfect business to suit his skills and background, so dealing with New Zealand meat came naturally, as after all, he had grown up the youngest of 5 boys on a sheep and beef farm, 90 minutes north of Auckland, New Zealand. He had farming blood running through his veins and as soon as he could walk, he was feeding & rearing lambs, calves and goats plus fattening up his prize Pig; 'Parsley' with tasty scraps.

New Zealand Fresh will ensure retail customers can access some of the finest culinary products from New Zealand and have them delivered direct to their doorstep, in time for dinner.

So once again, welcome to New Zealand Fresh, on the web, come on in, have a look around and make yourself at home. We look forward to being of service to you. We also have a facebook page and fair to say is visually enticing, check it out and 'Like' it, if you may. Facebook

We generally have most products in stock, therefore we can deliver within 60-90 mins (24 hours / 7 days per week) of an order.

Free delivery for an order above $100.00 (otherwise $15.00 delivery). We also offer a self collect option.

For further enquiries, do call us at (+65) 815 72024 / 818 39760 or SMS, Whatsapp, email at: - info@newzealandfresh.sg