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4 packs (value pack) Grass Fed (Halal) Lamb Loin Chops, 4/pack of approx 325g, price/4 pack (1.3kg), frozen

4 packs (value pack) Grass Fed (Halal) Lamb Loin Chops, 4/pack of approx 325g, price/4 pack (1.3kg), frozen

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Lamb Loin Chops when cooked quickly on the grill develop a delicious caramelised crust and have a pink, juicy center. Perfect all year round to satisfy those lamb cravings, also for being easy to prepare.

Cut from the portion of the loin from the 13th rib to the point of the hip bone, between the rack and rump (top end of leg). Due to the fat interspersed within the lean component, loin chops require longer cooking to bring out the flavour and tenderness.

Our Lamb is Halal Certified, Grass Fed, Never been Frozen, Free of Antibiotics/Hormones, Free Ranging Outside, Farmed Ethnically & Sustainably (non GMO) & vacuum packed and Airfreighted from New Zealand to ensure the product arrives in optimum condition.


Loin chops are a great way to satisfy that lamb craving and can be cooked on the frying pan or grilled on the barbecue.  When using the barbecue, brush the meat with oil and season or marinate. Preheat the grill or barbecue and cook for 3-4 minutes each side or more depending or desired doneness. Chops will be soft and springy with moist pink juices for medium rare, firm and springy for medium, and very firm with no sign of juices for well done. Use tongs to turn the meat, rather than a barbecue fork, to avoid juices escaping. Allow the lamb to rest after cooking for a tender and juicy result.

If pan-frying, preheat a heavy-based frying pan, brush oil over the meat and add to the pan. Keep the temperature moderately high; this should be enough to keep the meat sizzling without burning. Cook one side until the first sign of moisture appears on the upper side and turn to cook the other side, turning once only. As with barbecuing, rare is soft when pressed, medium springy, and well done is very firm. Rest the meat for a few minutes before serving.






Typical values per 100g edible portion per serving
Energy 1150kj 0 kj
Energy 277kcal 0 kcal
Fat 23.0g 0.0 g
Of which
- Saturates 10.8g 0.0 g
Protein 17.6g 0.0 g
Salt 0.16g


From one of the world's cleanest and purest environments, our lamb is reared on the fresh, pure, clean and green pastures of New Zealand. Sourced from our farms on the East Coast of the North Island, which are the highly productive rolling lowlands with a mild climate. This along with the long and even growing season of the North Island, and the purity of the environment delivers an abundance of lush pasture and clean water, giving the perfect combination for consistently tender, natural lamb, full of flavour and goodness. Our lamb is sourced from private, quality-driven farmers, with sustainable farming practices, proud of their history, quality and reputation. The lambs are grass fed on open pastures and are not given any genetically modified products, absolutely no hormones or antibiotics. New Zealand Lamb has only 6% fat and has one and half times more iron than pork or chicken breast.

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