Chilled Biltong Chips, 100g Pack

Chilled Biltong Chips, 100g Pack

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Biltong Chips are a variation of traditional South African Biltong which we produce right here in Singapore. We use very thinly sliced Grassfed Halal Beef Steak marinaded in special biltong spices, comprising coriander, pepper and salt. Biltong Chips make a very tasty snack. They are cut super thin and dry very well making them easy to eat. It is the perfect healthy snack and packed full of protein (est. 75% protein).

We make our Biltong here in Singapore. We marinade our meat and then hang it to dry for a number of days in our custom built meat curing chamber until it reaches the optimum level of dryness and flavour.

Ingredients (est. per 500g)
Dried grass-fed Beef: 490g (98%)
Biltong spice mix 10g (2%)

Biltong Spice mix contains:
Coriander seeds and powder
Gluten: No
Dairy: No
Salt: Yes
Nitrates: No
Sulphites: No
Maize: Yes
Sugar: Yes
MSG: Yes

Your Biltong Chips should be stored in the refrigerator in a breathable container, such as the paper bag it comes in, and kept away from any excess moisture.

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