Pork Cabanossi, Chilled, 175g Pack

Pork Cabanossi, Chilled, 175g Pack

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Pork Cabanossi is a traditional cured pork sausage originating from Europe, but produced right here in Singapore. We mince Spanish Pork Loin & mix with special Cabanossi spices, comprising white pepper, garlic & add a smokey flavour. The outcome is a beautiful cured meat, sausage stick, ready to eat. Due to their thin size and dryness they are very easy to pick up and snack on.

Spice mix contains:
Gluten: No
Dairy: No
Salt: Yes
Sugar: No
Soy: Yes

MSG: Yes

Your Biltong Chips should be stored in the refrigerator in a breathable container, such as the paper bag it comes in, and kept away from any excess moisture.

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