Wild Blue Cod Fillets (New Zealand), skinless, boneless, price/1-1.1kg, frozen

Wild Blue Cod Fillets (New Zealand), skinless, boneless, price/1-1.1kg, frozen

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A New Zealand favourite, caught wild, mainly in the colder southern parts of NZ, it is a delicate fillet with chunky flakes of goodness, each fillet is 250-275g.

This mild and stunningly tasty seafood is ‘the fish that fits any occasion.’ It can be cooked in many ways including smoked, baked and fried, or if desired, it can be used in a soup or chowder. 

But the best way to enjoy blue cod is to take full advantage of its delicate flaky texture - pan sear it until the flesh just turns white (leaving the middle slightly translucent), and it will fall apart into medium flakes and remain tender and succulent when eaten. 

Blue Cod Pots

Spicy blue cod


Pan-fried blue cod on wong bok with melon salad

Blue cod have been fished around New Zealand for more than 120 years.

Blue cod were introduced into New Zealand’s Quota Management System (QMS) in 1986. The QMS sets catch limits that allow the sustainable use of the blue cod resource based on stock assessments conducted by government and the fishing industry.

Blue cod is predominantly an inshore fishery with very little deepwater catch. The major blue cod fisheries in New Zealand are off Southland and the Chatham Islands, with smaller but regionally significant fisheries off Otago, Canterbury, Wanganui and in the Marlborough Sounds.

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