Murotsu Oysters (Japan) Sashimi Grade, M (60-80g), 18 pcs/pack, frozen

Murotsu Oysters (Japan) Sashimi Grade, M (60-80g), 18 pcs/pack, frozen

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The Murotsu (Japan) oysters are succulent and creamy with a strong sweet and fruity taste thanks to mineral-rich nutrients from the mountain and high brine content in the sea. These sashimi grade oysters are flash frozen and directly imported to maintain freshness.
The regular oysters weigh approximately 60-80g/piece

The safest way to thaw your oysters without compromising the texture and quality is to soak them in a bowl of 50℃ water for 4-5 minutes. But if you do not have a thermometer to measure the water temperature, running them under tap water for 3-4 minutes is good enough. If you are still unable to shuck them, just run them in tap water for 20-30 seconds longer.

Question: Do I have to eat my oysters within 2 days from the purchase?
People often think that household freezers are unable to retain the oyster quality, however, that is not true. As long as you do not thaw it and refreeze, otherwise, all the oysters available on KODAWARI can last in your freezer for 2-4 months. As all the oysters were properly frozen during production, do rest assure that they are still safe to consume even though they are not kept under -18℃. As long as you keep them in your freezer, you can get a taste of Japan sea any time

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