Orchard Gold Supreme Blueberries, 500g, price/pack, frozen

Orchard Gold Supreme Blueberries, 500g, price/pack, frozen

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Delicious firm Blueberries with a subtle fruity flavour and attractive strong natural colour. Suitable for a wide range of uses including the enormously popular Blueberry muffin and pies. Versatile product for use in dishes ranging from entrees to desserts. Widely used alone or in combination with other berries in processed food items.

Recent research has suggested wide ranging health benefits of Blueberries attributed to the natural anti-oxidant content. Affects claimed include relief of eye strain and reduction of free radicals which are thought to play a role in the ageing processes, cancer etc. Currently the subject of biomedical investigation and research.

Orchard Gold Berries contain only the very best frozen berries. High-quality retail packaging reinforces our commitment to supplying a superior product range and highlights the pure and natural qualities of this range. Our new packaging has a tear tab and the reseal on one side of the bag.

Nutritional analysis per 100g frozen Blueberry*

Energy 215kj (52kcal)/100g

Available Carbohydrate 12g/100g

Protein 0.7g/100g

Total Available Sugars 11.8g/100g

Total Fat 0.4g/100

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