Poten-C Liposomal Superdose Vitamin C, 750ml

Poten-C Liposomal Superdose Vitamin C, 750ml

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Poten-C Liposomal Superdose Vitamin C

  • Soy, gluten, ethanol, and alcohol free
  • ​Vegan, Keto & Paleo friendly
  • ​Zero colours, sweeteners and additives
  • ​Developed in New Zealand
  • ​Environmentally friendly with recyclable bottle
  • Great for Covid-19 recovery

Start your day with Poten-C. 

Sour taste, sweet effects!

Why Poten-C

Poten-C is a Powerful SuperDose Antioxidant:
  • supporting your immune health
  • supporting collagen production
  • ​supporting wound healing
  • ​improving iron absorption
  • ​supporting overall health and brain function
Poten-C uses non-gmo sunflower liposomes to protect the Vitamin C during digestion. 

This means MORE Vitamin C is absorbed into the cells that need support.  

Liposomes, with their bilayer of phospholipids are able to absorb into cellular membranes, releasing ingredients directly into cells.

The Most Cost Effective Per SuperDose Liposomal Vitamin C

Bottle Size: 750ml | 60,000mg Vitamin C

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