Sourdough Bread (light), 1000-1150g

Sourdough Bread (light), 1000-1150g

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Light Sourdough Bread, Freshly baked once per week by our French local baker (supplying to Michelin star restaurants and five star hotels). 1000-1150g

Sourdough is a stable culture of lactic acid bacteria and yeast in a mixture of flour and water. Broadly speaking, the yeast produces gas (carbon dioxide) which leavens the dough, and the lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid, which contributes flavour in the form of sourness.

Sourdough is more digestible than standard loaves and more nutritious too. Lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body by helping neutralise the phytates in flour that would interfere with their absorption.

Please allow 2 days lead time.

Bread flour
Rye flour
Natural levain exogene
(Base on fruit fermentation 11 years old )

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