Grass Fed Venison Mince, 400g, frozen

Grass Fed Venison Mince, 400g, frozen

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Our 90% lean Grass Fed Venison Mince is nutritious, easy to cook and you get a lot of flavour for your money.


Venison mince is leaner than beef, for example, which makes it slightly drier. Add a dollop of cream for a bit of extra fat and liquid.

Also remember to salt your mince at last an hour before making your mixture so it will bind in liquid and gain the right consistency. Salt is a powerful binding agent. If you leave it to work for a while, you won’t need to add any egg.

If you’ve got hold of frozen mince, defrost it quickly in a bag under running water as that way it keeps its flavour and consistency better.


Anything you can do with ordinary mince, you can do with venison mince. The difference is the great flavour and the lower fat content (not to mention the good feeling that comes from knowing that you’re eating natural, sustainable meat).

Which is healthier beef or venison?
Given that deer are leaner than cows, venison is generally healthier to eat than beef. An average cut of venison, in fact, has around half the calories and a sixth the saturated fats of a similarly sized cut of beef. It also has more proteins, vitamins and minerals than beef.

Venison cottage pie

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