BBQ Chef for 3 hours

BBQ Chef for 3 hours

Regular price $165.00 SGD

BBQ Chefs take a lot of trouble out of any BBQ. They are not only a professional BBQ Chef but help out with all aspects of a BBQ including starting the charcoal (or gas) BBQ, marinating, cutting the meat etc to the preferred size, serving and helping clean up (however, not completely cleaning bbq) also checking with everyone if they would like anything else cooked before they leave. The above is of course conditional that they don't exceed their booked hours slot.

For a BBQ for over 25 people, we would recommend 2 x BBQ Chef's.

Note - our bbq chefs’ are only available with New Zealand Fresh bbq items & the bbq chefs do not bring along any utensils, these must be provided from host.

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