Binchotan-style Charcoal Logs, 10kg

Binchotan-style Charcoal Logs, 10kg

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Our BBQ Charcoal Logs are produced in the style of Binchotan Charcoal to be very pure and dense, making it perfect for longer grilling times and also for professional chefs.

When lighting, it burns cleanly and is virtually smokeless and odourless. Due to the large size and high quality raw material, & the fact that they do not contain chemical accelerants, they can take a longer time to light than regular charcoal. 

Once it lights, it burns up to 3 times longer than regular charcoal, so that you do not need to keep topping up your bbq grill with charcoal, making it extremely competitive price-performance wise for every hour of grilling.

Customers who love a good BBQ will appreciate the qualities of FYRO Charcoal due to:

👉🏼 how clean-burning it is
(lighting up smokelessly, without sparks and odour)

👉🏼 it's heat longevity and consistent high temps
(no need to keep topping up charcoal halfway through your cooks)

👉🏼 how there is less/minimal flame-flare up that burns food prematurely when fatty cuts drip on burning coals

👉🏼 100% natural with zero harmful chemical accelerants or mineral additives

👉🏼 made with sustainable coconut/fruit wood/plantation wood sources

👉🏼 professional chefs from some of the world's best restaurants in Asia, Australia, Europe and US are using FYRO charcoal as their choice in their kitchens

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