Chilled Grass Fed Venison (Red Deer) Flank (Bavette) Steak, 1.03-1.09kg

Chilled Grass Fed Venison (Red Deer) Flank (Bavette) Steak, 1.03-1.09kg

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Our New Zealand Grass Fed (Red Deer) Venison Flank (Bavette) Steak are a small, flavourful, thin cut that is typically cooked quickly with dry heat (seared or grilled). The muscle has a very prominent grain that gives it a chewier texture. The meat should be thinly sliced against this grain prior to serving on order to break the muscle fibers down for a more tender result.

Venison is naturally a very lean protein and an excellent source of iron and essential vitamins. Perfect meal-sized portions mean preparation is convenient and easy, so less time is spent cooking and more time spent sharing. Enjoy the delicate flavour of naturally lean, pasture-raised New Zealand venison.

Our Venison Steaks are naturally lean with the delicate and tender taste of pasture-raised venison. Low in fat and sodium, venison is a source of essential irons and vitamins that we can’t make on our own. Easy and quick to cook, this fast-fry or BBQ cut is delicious and versatile for any occasion. Enjoy our Venison Steaks any day of the week, in salads, sandwiches, tacos and more.

Applications: Grill or Sear, Slice against the Grain


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