Stainless Steel Chimney Starter (Foldable with Carry Bag)

Stainless Steel Chimney Starter (Foldable with Carry Bag)

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A chimney starter or charcoal chimney is a device for igniting charcoal lumps or briguettes. It consists of a metal tube with a grate to hold charcoal. A lighting cone is a similar, conical, device placed over an existing grate. The tube is typically cylindrical, but may also have other cross-sections.

Made of stainless steel
Foldable & space saving
Store it in the bag after use for cleanliness
Speeds up lighting of charcoal with tactically
designed vents for optimising air flow

1. Set up the Chimney Starter by unfolding it
2. Fill Chimney Starter with charcoal
3. Place 4-6 fire starters under chimney starter
4. Light fire starters up
5. Ensure flames are in contact with the charcoal
For charcoal which takes more heat and time to
light (i.e. Genuine Binchotan), add more fire
starters as necessary before they burn out.

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