Gancia P.r.ose Blanc Spumante (Sparkling Wine)

Gancia P.r.ose Blanc Spumante (Sparkling Wine)

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The aperitif is a ritual that, since a couple of decades, has returned strongly on fashion, initially in the northern cities such as Turin and Milan and then it took hold in the rest of the country. Actually, the modern concept of aperitif has more a meaning of aggregation and conviviality, compared to what it could have previously, more linked to the etymology of the word. The most suitable wines to match with the various foods that we find on the countless buffets must be mostly white and of modest alcohol content, even better if sparkling or fizzy, essential feature to stimulate the gastric juices and help the digestive process.

Delicately straw-yellow in colour with golden reflections, it has a delicate and fragrant aroma of acacia, peach blossom and rennet apple, flint, sage and honey. In the mouth it has a good acidity reinforced by the effervescence and a delicately sapid finish.

Perfect as aperitif and alongside vegetable fries, excellent match to pizza and mortadella.

Grapes - Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Glera (Prosecco)

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