Grass Fed Venison (Red Deer) Diced, 1kg, frozen

Grass Fed Venison (Red Deer) Diced, 1kg, frozen

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Our Venison is free range and grass-fed on natural pasture. Our Red Deer live a life free from stress resulting in tender meat.
Low in fat, cholesterol and calories, High in protein and Iron, Farmed, not wild caught, tender taste without then use of steroids, or hormones.

Inspiration: So easy to adapt a recipe with this meat, in one pot, or the slow cooker, load up all your nourishing veggies and a rich and flavourful broth of wine, tomatoes, and beef stock, with herbs and salt and pepper. Cooking low and slow, is the way to get the yummiest results.

1kg of boneless venison diced (cubes), which are suitable for those requiring to thaw in portions.

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