Super Premium Fruit Wood Lump Charcoal, 4kg

Super Premium Fruit Wood Lump Charcoal, 4kg

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Our Fruit Wood Lump Charcoal are made from eco-friendly fruit tree trimmings & are specially designed to power your BBQ with high, even and long-lasting heat for hours.

Lights easily and burns cleanly with virtually no smoke, odour and sparks. The best part - burns up to 3 times longer than regular lump charcoal, so that you do not need to keep topping up your grill with charcoal, making it extremely competitive price-performance wise for every hour of grilling.

Paying for 3KG of regular lump charcoal?

1KG of FYRO does the job and does it better every time

Customers who love a good BBQ will appreciate the qualities of FYRO Charcoal due to:

👉🏼 how clean-burning it is
(lighting up smokelessly, without sparks and odour)

👉🏼 it's heat longevity and consistent high temps
(no need to keep topping up charcoal halfway through your cooks)

👉🏼 how there is less/minimal flame-flare up that burns food prematurely when fatty cuts drip on burning coals

👉🏼 100% natural with zero harmful chemical accelerants or mineral additives

👉🏼 made with sustainable coconut/fruit wood/plantation wood sources

👉🏼 professional chefs from some of the world's best restaurants in Asia, Australia, Europe and US are using FYRO charcoal as their choice in their kitchens

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