Angus Beef Brisket (Mini Roast) Portion, 500g, frozen

Angus Beef Brisket (Mini Roast) Portion, 500g, frozen

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What is Black Angus beef brisket?

Angus Beef Brisket is perfect for braising, smoking or BBQing. This cut of meat is versatile and easily holds rubs and marinades, creating deep flavors. This brisket is trimmed for maximum yield, while still leaving a modest fat cap attached, and is ready to cook.

Our Beef is Halal Certified, Grass Fed (Regenerative Raised), Free of Antibiotics/Hormones, Free Ranging Outside, Farmed Ethnically & Sustainably (non GMO) & vacuum packed and Airfreighted from New Zealand to ensure the product arrives in optimum condition.

Note - Frozen Beef generally has a 12 month validity in the freezer.  

From one of the world's cleanest and purest environments, our Black Angus Beef cattle are reared on the fresh, pure, clean and green pastures of New Zealand. Sourced from our farms in the furthest Southern province of the South Island aptly named Southland.

Angus genetics are renowned for producing cattle with excellent marbling and growth rates. Marbling adds flavour, makes cooking easier, and high growth rates produce beef that is very tender. 

Breeds of cattle from European, tropical climate and dairy breed genetics are excluded from Black Angus.


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